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A totally new venture for Carol as she steps into the world of adult fiction with her new WW11 story, Ponsonby-Smallpiece The Legend.
Ponsonby-Smallpiece is not only a legend, but he is a hero too fighting the forces of evil throughout the war. Making his mark and gaining notoriety in covert missions and tactics alongside his expertise in explosives. Working as a valued member of the Long Range Desert Group and befriending "Winnie" as he affectionately called Winston Churchill, leading many a covert op for "Winnie" .
But he was also 'a bit of a lad' liking the ladies too much and they liked him back rather a lot. He never married any of them, but got awfully close getting engaged on many occasions. But the ladies forgave him. They always did.
And the legend continued to be heroic, daring and loved by many. See what you think of Ponsonby-Smallpiece. Maybe you will love him too.
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