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Granny Ridley is ageless. Her less than delicate 5’ 2” frame is well maintained by regularly eating chocolates and toffees. She tries to keep fit by attending classes and swimming but this does not always go to plan.
Granny Ridley has successfully passed her ‘Granny Training’ enabling her to carry out her hobby of talking without the need to listen. And she never does anything wrong. Or so she thinks!

Granny Ridley leaves a lasting impression by being the innocent bringer of bedlam and constantly lives up to childhood nick name of ‘Calamity Jane’. When Granny Ridley is involved if it can go wrong it will. And if it can’t go wrong, it will! 

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She loves talking to Brenda and Sylvia about her family and is very proud of her new great grandchildren and always has pictures to show or stories to tell.

Armed with her young at heart attitude, a giggly nature, favourite spotty slippers and a pinny, Granny Ridley and her lifelong friends, Brenda and Sylvia have a series of unexpected adventures.
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