The tenth book in the Granny Ridley Series.
Granny Ridley has lost her glasses, and Charlie her grandson is coming to visit. But an alien visits instead. An alien that has crash landed in her garden and loves flowers. Granny Ridley’s flowers.

Granny Ridley's grandson Alan is playing in the big cricket match today and Granny Ridley, Sylvia and Brenda are making the tea for the players.
But the game’s not going well. And gets worse when Granny Ridley arrives.
But not to worry, Granny Ridley has an idea, which makes Alan very worried indeed. And Brenda's rock buns come in useful too. Just don't eat them!
What could go wrong? Apart from everything!!!!

Without her glasses she doesn’t realise that she has taken an alien out for lunch. But others do, and they are scared.
But not Granny Ridley. It’s just another day in Granny Ridley’s world.