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Spike’s very unhappy. He's going to get a new sister or brother but he doesn't like the idea. He doesn't want things to change and he might be forgotten when the new baby arrives.
Poor Spike. His friends Deano, Reggie, Terry, Herbie, and Spotty want to help. But what can they do?
Herbie’s gone missing and his friends don't know why or where he has gone. All they know is it's a “big day”.
But what's a 'big day' and why doesn't Herbie want to be part of it?
Follow Herbie’s friends as they try to find Herbie and find out what the “big day” is.

This had been the worst storm ever in Dinoland and Deano was alone and frightened. With a huge rush of branches and water something rolled past where Deano was hiding. What was it?

When Deano investigated he found a large beautiful purple stone lying in the mud. What he didn’t know was how different and exciting it was going to be in Dinoland just because of this beautiful purple stone. Because it wasn’t a stone.

It was an EGG!!
But Mr Ollie has a good idea and Spike’s friends now know what to do.
Read on and find out what they did to help.