It's Christmas Eve and Santa's sleigh filled with presents crash lands on waste ground. Santa's sleigh is broken.
What can Santa do now?
How will all the boys and girls get their presents this Christmas?
Santa has run out of his magic dust and everything seems to be going wrong.
Santa’s magic dust needs lots of ingredients and Santa needs help to collect it all in before Mrs Santa can make some more.
Who can help? Who can Santa turn to to make everything right again and save Christmas?

Today of all days Santa has gone missing.
The Elves have searched everywhere until they found the sleigh. And Santa. But he’s acting rather strange.
What’s going on? Charlie Dryden has just seen Santa being kidnapped. How can he explain this to the police?
Even the police are puzzled.

Can the Scarlet Express’ and Santa's new friends help?
Read on and find out how.