"Santa Steams Ahead” is a magical Christmas Story.

It's Christmas Eve and Santa's sleigh filled with presents crash lands
on waste ground. Santa's sleigh is broken.

 What can Santa do now?
How will all the boys and girls get their presents this Christmas?
Can the ‘Scarlet Express’ and Santa's new friends help?

This book is totally personalised so that YOUR child appears in the book and helps Santa.
This is a totally new venture for me and very exciting. I wanted the book to have a magical look and feel and with the fantastic colourful  images in the book, I think this has been achieved.

If you would like to place an order, all Carol needs is for you to choose a cartoon image from her selection of cartoon children used in the story, that is the closest match to YOUR child, or children including their hair colour, age and where they live.
You can order this book by contacting me on [email protected] or 07922 821142 to place your order and each book will feature YOUR child helping Santa with his deliveries.
Each book costs £5.99 plus £1.50 postage and once I have your child's name, age, hair colour, and the town/village they live in, the book will be personalised for THEM.
I think it will make Christmas special for children of all ages to see their name in print helping Santa at his busiest time of year.
Watch out for the “Santa Steams Ahead” Christmas cards as well.

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