Hi there. Thank you for looking at my website.
I thought I would start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Carol Dean and I’m married with two adult children, and three grandchildren and we all live in the North East.
I started to write children’s stories to entertain my children when they were young. This usually happened on rainy weekends, with my son writing stories about ghosts or vampires, and my daughter who is the youngest, playing her part by drawing pictures to go with the stories.
I wrote the first of my Granny Ridley stories and “The Real Cinderella Story” during this time, adding to the story each time we wrote together to keep the suspense going for the next writing session.
“Charlie Dryden’s Cricket Ball” was also started when the children were small, then re-discovered during a spring clean many, many years later, re-visited and finished in 2012. I then went on to continue the Granny Ridley series with a further nine books, and have added to the Charlie Dryden’s adventures with another four books plus another one as work in progress. Watch this space.
Before taking early retirement, I spent most of my working life as a Fundraiser for various charities before a huge career change when I started working for Durham Constabulary as the Special Constabulary Recruitment Officer and trained as a Special Constable myself. Now that was something “Special”.
I also spent time as a Life Coach, a Mentor, an NVQ Assessor, and I qualified as a teacher. This led to my part-time work as an NVQ Tutor/Marker for a local college alongside working as an exam invigilator for students from 10 years old to degree level. Not to mention looking after the grandkids, or spending time writing. Writing all this down makes me wonder how I have managed to fit it all in!
All in all a busy but totally enjoyable past with a future that just seems to be growing and improving in enjoyment levels.
I hope, when you look through my website, that you and yours also gain enjoyment from the books I have written and that “Read, Learn, Grow” becomes your new buzzwords and fun too. And don't forget, you can find me on facebook too.