Today of all days Santa has gone missing.
The Elves have searched everywhere until they found the sleigh. And Santa. But he’s acting rather strange.
What’s going on? Charlie Dryden has just seen Santa being kidnapped. How can he explain this to the police?
Even the police are puzzled.

I wanted to bring all my series of characters together in one fun story. And I think I have.
It’s called ‘A Christmas Story’ and it finds Granny Ridley, Charlie Dryden, Santa and his elves, plus a few dinosaurs thrown in to create chaos but in a fun way. And with Granny Ridley at the helm it can only mean more amusing mayhem.

The book will be for printed in June, and ready for purchase well in advance of Christmas present idea time. Watch This Space for more information on pricing and launch date, and see Christmas as I do.

Because Christmas is BRILLIANT.

You can order this book by contacting me on or 07922 821142 to place your order.
Each book costs
£5.99 plus £1.20 postage.

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